Frequently asked Questions

For those who may receive support as part of the DVPP via the West Midlands Specialist Domestic abuse consortium for victims.

Support is independent of the programme and the Consortium partners have been working to support women and children in abusive relationships for over 35 years, during which time the Consortium has helped tens of thousands of women and children to overcome their experiences of abuse. Their approach is unique in addressing the emotional impact of abuse alongside practical interventions, a combination which enables better outcomes for you and your children.

The consortium provides high quality services run by women, which are informed by listening to, believing and involving women and children affected by domestic violence.

They provide dedicated workers who will support you to recognise and address the issues you may face, focusing primarily on your safety, well-being and independence. They will support you to make sense of what has happened or what is still happening to you and your children, by offering emotional support, a listening ear, as well as practical support.

You will have access to an  allocated worker who will:

  • Meet with you in a safe place and get to know you and complete an assessment
  • Assess your needs and the level of support you require
  • Work with you to develop a safety plan
  • Attend case meetings / conferences to support and advocate for you
  • Support you to complete actions and targets set by other professionals involved with your case.
  • Offer a tailored service which includes support with budgeting, housing, benefits and signposting for legal advice where required.
  • Listen to and validate your experiences and explore the impact domestic violence has had on you and your children
  • Ensure you have advice and help on parenting and child related concerns
  • All information you share will be confidential between you and your support worker unless there are concerns about your or your children’s safety

This will be tailored to your immediate needs and can be on a weekly or fortnightly basis as requiredThis will be tailored to your immediate needs and can be on a weekly or fortnightly basis as required

It would be of more benefit to you and your children if you were to meet with your support worker regularly.  However, if you would prefer to have just telephone contact, receive updates and share concerns this can also be accommodated. This is to ensure that your support worker can update you and let you know if your partner or ex partner is attending the programme and to share any concerns you may have.

  • The opportunity to explore how domestic violence has impacted on you and your children
  • Support in attending meetings and conferences.
  • Develop your confidence to keep you and your children safe.
  • Build your self- confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve working relationships with agencies including children’s services
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