Frequently asked questions

My Time has been working to support perpetrators in abusive relationships since 2012. We are a national charity providing mental health, substance misuse and domestic violence services.

We support men in a non judgmental setting to build awareness of and recognise their own abusive behaviours towards current/ex partners.

Sessions offered are run for 2 hours, weekly, over a rolling programme. Some areas offer a day or evening programme allowing us to provide flexibility with working commitments.

For those with language barriers we are able to offer 1-1 sessions. The groups are for up to 12 participants at any one time.

We expect participants to commit and attend the full 30 week programme.

We approach members from a non judgemental stance. Facilitators are trained to create an open learning environment. We respect engagement from all men and their experience whilst challenging beliefs and assumptions around permission to abuse. Throughout the programme the emphasis is focused on impact towards women and children.

The aim of the programme is to reduce the risk of domestic abuse to females and children. It is not designed to keep families together. We work to build awareness, challenge beliefs and offer change of thoughts and behaviour.  Completing the programme will not automatically guarantee you access to your children.

You should arrive 10 minutes early for your session. If you are running late you should contact the facilitator.  We allow 10 minutes only, because lateness can disrupt the session and other members.

We expect participants to give adequate notice of their non – attendance.  Our policy is, where 2 consecutive sessions are missed without contact, this will result in a file closure and referred back to your social worker.  Where sessions are missed, you will be expected to catch up on what you have missed and will still be expected to complete the full weeks on the

On average the programme runs for up to a 24 week period, terming full completion, however this is different for each individual.  This time period gives us chance to get to know you and support you to make long term, sustainable changes to your attitude and behaviours.

The focus of the work is on you. We are interested in you getting to know yourself better to make healthier choices.  Your partner/ex-partner will be offered services separately through our partnership with female specialist support services and we will work closely with their allocated worker throughout the duration of the programme and share information on progress.

You will be offered an initial assessment within 2 weeks wherever possible.  This will result in a suitability report determining whether you are eligible to attend the programme.  The report will be provided to professionals.  Further assessments will be undertaken at the middle and end of the programme.  Adhoc updates can be requested directly via professionals throughout the programme of which we will make you aware.  We share information in the case of risks and progress regularly with the specialist female services.

Not everyone is suitable for a DVPP. Whereby you are deemed unsuitable following your assessment, if there are more appropriate services that may be better suited to you, your facilitator will recommend these for you, and to any professional referrer that may be involved.

You are attending the DVPP because you acknowledge you have been abusive.  It is important that you are open and honest and engage in all sessions, sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions on session content covered.  We do not expect you to have the right answers, but you should be willing to learn, engage and be challenged.  For those who apply themselves, you will have access to the right tools and support to enable you to make better decisions, and in turn be non abusive.  The choice to be non abusive is yours.

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