Services for Victims and survivors

As part of the DVPP programme’s offered by the organisation all female intimate partners or ex partners of male participants must be offered the opportunity to engage in an integrated support service for victims and survivors.

The primary aim of work with perpetrators through the DVPP is to increase the safety and wellbeing of survivors and their children.

Having an integrated support service provision for survivors which works in conjunction with any interventions undertaken for males is paramount.  The reason for this is any risk management and reduction should be prioritised through the work we undertake, and our work should not create additional risk for survivors of abuse.

It is important to note that ISS services are not always delivered internally depending on the contractual arrangements of the service.  Whereby this is delivered by an external agency it is important to note that they must agree to work within the guidance and principals set out by RESPECT in relation to work undertaken with perpetrators, and that clear mechanisms are in place for the sharing of information across both agencies and services.

It is important to note that females have a choice around their engagement in such services.

Whilst the organisation offers and internal ISS service for all Cafcass and privately referred men to the programme, our West Midlands Regional DVPP service consists of external ISS partners.

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