Domestic Abuse Support Services


At Richmond Fellowship we deliver a host of specialist Domestic Abuse services, for perpetrators, victims, survivors and young people, all of whom have been impacted by domestic abuse.

Our range of services and interventions are designed with the safety of all victims,  survivors and children at the forefront, ensuring there is integrated support available for these individuals throughout any perpetrator engagement.

Our service then asks those who have used abusive behaviour to be accountable for this, and work openly within our interventions to learn, and implement changes to their choice of behaviours in the future.

All of services work as part of a multi agency approach to tackling domestic abuse, and improving the outcomes for all individuals impacted and affected.  Our Services work closely in partnership with agencies such as children’s social care, womens support services, the police and family courts where appropriate and necessary to ensure we respond appropriately and safely to all cases of domestic abuse.

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